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  A Course in Basic Quakerism

Occasionally our Meeting's Worship and Ministry Committee sponsors a five-week Basic Quakerism course, entitled "Quakers Living in the Light." Each class session deals with discussion in a Friendly manner rather than lecture and relates information to individual experiences. Questions, queries, etc. are heard and honored. The objective is that through experience participants would learn Quaker practice regarding listening and speaking. All sessions include references to the writings of Friends and those spiritual teachers in harmony with Friends.

The following is an outline of the course, held for five evenings from 7:00-8:30 P.M.:

Week 1: What Canst Thou Say?
A Worship Sharing Experience. (Not a lecture to inform, but an opportunity to assess group.)
Explain the process of Worship Sharing without naming it as such.
Suggested theme: What path has led you to the Religious Society of Friends?
After everyone has spoken briefly, name the experience as “Worship Sharing”.
From experience, how would you describe the practices, beliefs, teachings of the
Religious Society of Friends? Ask their knowledge or experience of: Silence,
Discernment, Testimonies, Gospel Order, Process, Vocal Ministry,
Spiritual Listening, Faith and Practice
What questions still remain that we have not identified? (First distribute index
cards for written questions.) Then ask them to share their questions?
Which ones are more prevalent than others? No answers will be provided
at this time. The questions and “answers” will, however, be interwoven
into the next 4 sessions.
Assignment: Poonder these questions during the week. Read, research, inquire?

Week 2: Whatever happened to dogma?
Brief history of Friends and the subject of dogma: ex. Fox, Penn, Jones, Kelly
Quaker Testimonies: Living the Testimonies

Week 3: Quaker Process vs. Secular Corporate Practice
The Why, the What, and the How
Meeting for Business vs. the Corporate Board Meeting

Week 4: Mysticism: Why are Friends called Pragmatic Mystics?
What is the history of mysticism?
How do Friends view mysticism?
How do Friends experience mysticism
A more in depth discussion of Meeting for Worship, the Silence and Vocal Ministry

Week 5: The Soul Friend and the Community
John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara
How Community differs from individualism and the Collective
How the Spiritual Community differs from the secular community

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