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 Our Children at Christmas 

The holiday season brings many activities to our Meeting. Children in our First Day School begin by participating in Godly Play about the Christmas Story. Following that, they begin to make decorations for our very special Christmas tree, which we place out on the porch of our Schoolhouse. The most unique feature of our tree is the food for the birds and animals that the children work into pine cones smeared with peanut butter. Another colorful, yet nutritious item are the apple rings that they prepare to dangle on the pine branches. But most of all, the tree comes alive with their very special handmade ornaments.

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A teacher retells the Christmas Story in the holiday Godly Play. Our children design Christmas cards to sell to raise money for our First Day School program. In 2010, our Young Friends took photos for their Christmas cards.   Young Friends sort and box up Christmas card orders.
preparinggiftsforneedy.gif Young Friends and Middleschoolers prepare animal Christmas treats to hang on our tree. A child intently cuts paper to make a tree decoration. gettingahelpinghand.gif
Wild bird food treats for the Christmas tree. Pine cones coated with peanut butter and birdseed for our wild friends. Clothespin reindeer for our Christmas tree. Dried apple slices and birdseed for our tree.
A Young Friend creates a fantasy hamburger. A Middleschooler strings beads for our tree. using a hot glue gun, a boy puts the finishing touches to his creation. A Young Friend makes a paper chain for our tree.
After making decorations, the kids decorate the big tree on our porch. A Middleschooler carefully hangs his ornament on the tree. Another Middleschooler hangs a pine cone on the tree. pineconedecoration.gif.

But the holiday spirit doesn’t stop with decorating our tree.
Our children annually re-enact the Christmas Story to the delight of their parents and Friends.

Children re-enact the Christmas Story accompanied by a narrator. Each child takes on the role of a character in the Christmas Story. A patient Mary sits quietly waiting for the Wise Men to appear.

Children make cookies to be eaten after our annual Christmas program.

Children mix the dough for special holiday cookies. Children mix the cookie dough. Children decorating the holiday cookies.
Decorating holiday cookies. Finished holiday cookies. Children prepare the cookies for baking.

See photographs from our annual Christmas program

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