Hearken to the Light, 
that ye may feel the 
power of God in every 
one of you.
            --George Fox

Meeting for Worship
Sundays 10:30-11:30 AM 
(Nursery and child care available)

Opening Exercises  
Sundays 10:00 AM
n the School House, before Meeting for Worship

First Day School  
10:30-11:30 AM

Meeting for Business
 last Sunday of each month,
following Meeting for Worship

Eating Meeting 
2nd Sunday
potluck lunch after Meeting for Worship  


Members are expected to serve on committees of the monthly meeting unless distance or disability is a significant hindrance. Acceptance of appointment is a commitment to be diligent, loving, and responsive in carrying out the committee’s functions.
                                                                                                   —Faith and Practice

Our Meeting exists because our members and attenders share the work of running our Meeting—most often through committees. While some volunteer to be on a particular committee, our Nominating Committee annually asks members and attenders to fill one- or two-year terms. A "convener" or chairperson heads up each committee. Usually, the members of a committee choose a member of that committee to fill this position. The convener calls committee meetings and manages discussion during each session.

It’s common among meetings to assign the pastoral care of its members to a committee of overseers while the spiritual development comes under the care of a worship and ministry committee and the religious education of its children comes under the care of a religious education committee.

To read the annual report of any committee, click on the linked name of the Committee.

Advices Readers:
A member of Meeting reads advices from Faith and Practice during Meeting for Worship.

Annual Report Writer: (one-year term)
A member of Meeting prepares an annual report of our Meeting based on minutes, interviews, committee reports and newsletters and presents it at Meeting for Business.

Auditors: (two-year term)
Two members of Meeting review the financial records for the year and present a report at a monthly Meeting for Business..

Clerks of the Meeting: (two-year term) (must be a member of Meeting)

Presiding Clerk: The clerk conducts meetings for business and carries out the instructions of the Meeting on all business matters by preparing for Meeting for Business, maintaining a worshipful spirit during it, setting the pace through the agenda, and discerning the sense of the meeting and expressing it clearly.

Assistant Clerk: The assistant clerk reminds committee conveners when their reports are due and takes over for the clerk in his or her absence.

Recording Clerk: The recording clerk notes the minutes during meetings for business and special called meetings and prepares them for inclusion in the Meeting newsletter. Accurate record keeping helps Meeting understand how a certain decision had been reached.

Fall Festival Planning Committee: (two-year term)
Our annual Fall Festival requires a great deal of planning, and this committee, made up of members and attenders who share an interest in the various activities of the Festival, works throughout the year on the details. (meets monthly from March to November at members' homes)

Finance Committee: (four-year term)
The task of maintaining and disbursing operating funds comes under the care of this committee which makes sure that the Meeting funds are invested and spent wisely, as well as prepares an annual budget. (meets as needed)

Hospitality Committee: (three-year term)
This committee coordinates and prepares meals for monthly Eating Meeting and refreshments for social gatherings. Its members also purchase all paper goods and foodstuffs for regular Meeting use and adequately stocks and maintains the Meeting kitchen. (meets as needed)

Librarians: (two-year term)
Our Meeting librarians catalog and maintain the book collection in our library.

Marriage and Membership Committee: (three-year term)
Members of this committee interview applicants for membership and recommends them to the Clerk at Meeting for Business, and when approved, they provide informational materials to them. They also interview couples wishing to be married under the care of the Meeting and provides information on marriage, divorce, and care of children. (meets on call)

Meeting Management Committee:
This committee combines several individuals, all of who are in charge of jobs having to do with the organizational side of Meeting. (All are two-year terms except the recorder which is five years.) (meets as needed)

Meeting Secretary: The Meeting Secretary is in charge of centralizing Meeting records, including updating the Meeting Directory, keeping graveyard records, keeping track of phone messages and mail, as well as updating the Meeting Calendar.

Newsletter Editor: The newsletter editor compiles and distributes the Meeting’s monthly newsletter, as well as manages the Meeting’s e-mail address list.

Meeting Recorder: The recorder monitors changes in Meeting membership, including births and deaths and report to the Meeting Secretary so that changes could be made to the Meeting Directory.

Meeting Archivist: Our Meeting archivist is in charge of organizing and maintaining all materials having to do with the historical record of Meeting, including photographs, Meeting Minutes, and any other documents that require safe keeping for the future.

Webmaster: Coordinates and updates the Meeting Web site.

Nominating Committee: (three-year term) (must be a member of Meeting)
The wise selection of meeting officers and committee members is essential to our Meeting’s welfare. The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting the right people for these and other services to the Meeting and sees to their replacement when their terms are up with others equally well qualified. (meets as needed from early Spring to early Fall)

Outreach Committee: (two-year term) 
By extending a welcome to people in the community and interpreting our faith to them, we practice a traditional form of Quaker ministry. This committee assists in the care of seekers, attenders, and new members, helping to include them in the life of the Meeting and encouraging them to join in membership. (meets fourth Sunday)

Pastoral Care Committee: (three-year term) (must be a member of Meeting)
The members of this committee assume leadership in maintaining the pastoral health of our Meeting. The convener assigns a list of members and attenders to each member of the committee. It’s the responsibility of each committee member to take a personal interest in the spiritual and physical welfare of those on their list. Membership on this committee calls for dedication, tact, and discretion, especially in resolving problems between individual members or a particular member and Meeting, itself. Each committee member should take this responsibility seriously with an alert willingness to be of service to others. A good example of care of this committee occurs when a member becomes seriously ill and needs help with food and chores during their recovery. Another is being there in times of grieving. (meets first Sunday)

Peace and Social Concerns Committee: (two-year term) 
Our Meeting members often feel a responsibility to help others less fortunate in our community, state, nation, and world. The members of this committee carry our service projects, as well as address peace issues by encouraging members and attenders to participate in the work for social change. (meets first Sunday in the alcove of main room of the Schoolhouse)
More on Peace Activities                                      More on Social Concerns

Draft Counselor: This person monitors the status of the military draft, offers counseling to Young Friends coming of age, and when necessary, asks Meeting to take action concerning the draft.

Religious Education Committee: (two-year term)
It’s a responsibility of our Meeting to bring our children into full participation in the life of our Meeting while helping them understand the beliefs and practices of Friends. A thriving First Day School has proven to be an important part of the life of our Meeting. This committee creates the First Day School curriculum, supervises classes and recruits teachers for them. (meets first Sunday)

School Fund Committee: (three-year term)
Members of this committee inform Meeting of funds available for education, encourages contributions to school funds and reviews applications and requests for them. (meets as needed)

Stewardship Committee: (three-year term)
The goal of this committee is to encourage members to participate financially in our Meeting and to educate and raise member consciousness about stewardship. 
meets as needed)

Meeting Treasurer: (three-year term)
A member who keeps the Meeting’s financial accounts, deposits money, and pays bills.

Trustees Committee: (two-year term) (must be a member of Meeting)
This committee cares for the property, buildings, and grounds of our Meeting. 
(meets as needed)

Meeting Use Coordinator: Our Meeting Use Coordinator regulates, monitors, and arranges for community groups’ use of our Meeting facilities.

Worship & Ministry Committee: (three-year term)
While our Worship and Ministry Committee is open to members of all ages, we generally assign those who have attended Meeting for some time and understand the beliefs and values of the Religious Society of Friends. We also look for those who can act as helpful spiritual counselors, from whom other members and attenders can seek advice and loving guidance. And while some may be called to act as counselors, others may have a strong calling to ministry. (meets third Sunday)

In addition to our committees, our Meeting sends representatives to the following organizational meetings within Yearly Meeting:

Camp Swatara Planning Representatives
Friends Contact for the Climate Action Network
PYM Bridge Contact and Fund Reporter
Quarterly Meeting Representatives

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The availability of the above vacancies depends on whether those holding the positions choose to renew or not. If you're interested in filling a vacancy on a particular committee, send your request to the Nominating Committee.

To find out more about what a particular committee does for Meeting, click on the name of the committee in the list to the left to read it's annual report.

How to Request Consideration for 
a Committee Position

1. Read over the list of committees to the left.

2. Check the list of potential vacancies in the list above. Look to see if the committee you're interested in has a potential vacancy coming up. 

3. Contact a member of the Nominating Committee and ask them to put your name in for consideration for the committee you want. 

4. Wait for a confirmation from the Nominating Committee that you've been placed on the committee you asked for.

What are the duties of a committee clerk?
Download a copy of our
Guidebook for Officers and Clerks

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