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  Goes Green
Our Schoolhouse received a new ramp of recycled materials.With all the hype about businesses and individuals going "green" or environmentally friendly, it was only a matter of time before our Meeting joined the trend. For a long time, Friends have safeguarded the environment, so when we had to replace the ramp that leads to our Schoolhouse, our Trustees naturally turned to using an environmentally friendly material made by TimberTech.

While the gray wood-grained decking of the ramp and its gleaming white posts feel and look like painted wood, they’re actually made of recycled automobile parts, recycled wood waste, and expanded polymer products, all held together with plastic resins. And unlike wood decks, this material needs no painting, staining or sealing. It resists fading, weathering, rotting and warping, and will stay looking new year after year.

Because TimberTech's revolutionary patented composite decking resists sun and water damage, our ramp will maintain its color and beauty for years. And, because it resists weathering and warping, we won't need to replace rotting, uneven or insect-damaged boards–a costly process by any standards, thus saving our Meeting money over the long term.

The planks of our new ramp have been manufactured with high-quality materials blended with UV-inhibiting pigments to insure consistent color. Also, the highly reflective, inorganic pigments used will minimize heat build-up in the summer. And since our ramp won’t need to be painted, stained, or sealed, there’s no harm to the environment.

And unlike traditional wood decks, our ramp will be splinter-free–and with all the young children in our Meeting, that’s a blessing. Plus our ramp meets or exceeds all Americans with Disabilities Act standards for slip-resistant walking surfaces.

Workmen removed the decking and railings from the old ramp, then replaced any structural boards that needed it. They attached the new decking over the existing structure with patented titanium clips. They kept the posts from the old railing and slid the white covers you see there now over them. They fit so tightly they feel like one solid post. The caps snapped on top of each to create a finished look.

TimberTech, the company that manufactured the products for our ramp, follows strict environmental procedures during the process, including recycling water through a closed loop water system, as well as recycling skids, waste from manufacturing, and product dust.

And recently, our Meeting went green indoors. Our Young Friends helped replace all the lights bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. Now the Schoolhouse is not only brighter but will use less electricity.

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