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At Downingtown Friends Meeting, we're all about family. Just ask anyone. Families make up the majority of our members and attenders. And it's those same families that bring life to our meeting, from the littlest toddler to their parents and grandparents. We welcome all.

We often receive questions asking whether we accept children and what sort of facilities and services do we have for them.

For smaller children—infants through pre-school—we have a nursery, staffed by volunteers, that takes care of the younger children during Meeting for Worship, so parents can be confident that their children are in capable and loving hands.

Children 6 to 18 years of age attend our First Day (Sunday) School, also staffed by volunteers. We’re especially proud of the extensive and well thought out First Day School Curriculum that our Religious Education Committee has created. Children attend three terms from September to June. During each term, they not only receive guided spiritual education, but take part in various activities.

Four times a year, our children gather in a circle to watch a Godly Play, in which an adult volunteer guides them through stories related to Jesus and Quakerism. Other activities are geared to the various holidays like Valentine's Day and Quaker beliefs, such as our monthly peace vigils.

Our annual Friends Fall Festival gives everyone, young and old alike, an opportunity to work together for the greater good. Children and adults work side by side to make our Festival one of the best in the region.

During the holiday season, we encourage our children to take part in our annual Christmas Program. They also get to go to a tree farm to pick out our Meeting Christmas tree and then make and hang environmentally friendly decorations on it. They also participate in several fundraising activities for charity, including making and selling holiday cards, created from their drawings and photographs, and collecting clothes or other items to give to the needy.

As winter rolls around, they spend time making Valentine’s cards for older people at Meeting. Spring brings with it the annual Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday morning, an activity loved by both younger and older children. Later on in spring, they plant a Gleaning Garden with vegetables to harvest for our local Lord’s Pantry. At Downingtown Friends Meeting, we raise our children to be socially conscientious.

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to share in all of the above activities with their children. At our Meeting, we encourage families to worship together, work together, and share the joys of life together.

We hope you'll bring your family to our Meeting and experience this for yourself.

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