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 Flowers in the Window
A bright bouquet of flowers graces the front window of our Meeting House during Meeting for Worship.The simplicity of our Meeting House is in keeping with a the Quaker style. This in no way means that life should be drab or lacking in beauty. Often a flower arrangement in the front window brings the beauty of the outside in. It’s most likely that the early attenders to our Meeting would not have approved of a flower arrangement in the window of the Meeting room, but times and ideas have changed. Though we no longer wear plain dress and very few of us use plain language, for some members, like the late Enid Brown, bringing in a bit of nature's beauty enhances our meditation.

Enid "discovered" flower arranging when she joined the Brown family in 1945. Her mother-in-law was a wonderful gardener as well as a excellent flower arranger. Using the blooms from her well-established perennial garden, she brought the beauty of nature into her house. Enid discovered in her a great inspiration.

Enid Brown never felt that she had to create an arrangement each Sunday, but when there were some beautiful flowers in her garden, she felt compelled to share it with Friends. In the spring it might have been only a few branches of blossoms from the cherry or dogwood trees, but by April, the forsythia was out, complimented by daffodils. When the lilacs were in bloom, there were tulips to compliment them. Throughout the spring, Enid used daisies and sweet rocket to add white accents to her arrangements. By the end of May, her peonies took center stage, supported by the blue of her Dutch Iris. And little later the bearded iris became the highlights of Enid’s spring palette. Bright orange and yellow day lilies were at Enid’s disposal through most of the summer.

Since her supply of spring blooms faded as the heat of summer moved in, Enid planted some annuals so that by August she’d have zinnias and marigolds for her bouquets. And because our Meeting House windows are large, she had to create tall arrangements so that they’d be in proportion. As the leaves on the giant Burr oak trees in front of the Meeting House turned russet, Enid brought a spot of color into the gray interior of our Meeting House through her use of chrysanthemums and colored foliage.

Enid, herself, admitted that she found it difficult to speak in Meeting for Worship, but by arranging a bit of God's natural beauty in the front window, she felt that that was her message.

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