Hearken to the Light, 
that ye may feel the 
power of God in every 
one of you.

            --George Fox

Meeting for Worship
Sundays 10:30-11:30 AM 
(Nursery and child care available)

Opening Exercises  
Sundays 10:00 AM
n the School House, before Meeting for Worship

First Day School  
10:30-11:30 AM

Meeting for Business
 last Sunday of each month,
following Meeting for Worship

Eating Meeting 
2nd Sunday
potluck lunch after Meeting for Worship  

But still wait in silence, to know the power working in you to bring forth . . . the eternal word of life, to answer the life in all.

                                                                   —Stephen Crisp, 1663
Ever since Quakers formed the Religious Society of Friends, they have written widely on topics of interest to both Friends and non-Friends. Even during Colonial times, Friends encouraged their children to learn to read and write and as adults many went on to write noted articles and essays. Quaker women especially became known for their detailed journals.

For many Friends, communicating and worship go hand in hand. Some take this further and write down their feelings and beliefs for all to enjoy. Others communicate their passion for the environment or do historical research. And still others record history as it happens.










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Read some examples of Friends’ writings from present and former members of our Meeting:

"Children in the Forest:" An essay on environmental awareness with children by Aggie Moser.

Downingtown Friends Meeting--An Early History of Quakers in the Great Valley:  
A book by Francis Brown. 

"If I Could Meet Jesus:" A poem by Zan Lombardo.

Quakers: Ordinary People/Extraordinary Lives: A book by Dean Bratis

Shadows and Light: A book of poems by Marie Inslee.

Talking with Friends: Interviews with older members of our meeting edited by Kevin Ferris.

"The Pleasure of Working with Young Friends:" an essay by Zan Lombardo 

"How the Christmas Tree Moved Outside:
a Christmas story by Clarita McVickar 

"The Saga of the Stolen Shutters:" 
A Friend's mystery.

"The Eye of God:" An article by Dean Bratis.

"Thoughts During Meeting:" an essay by
Jamie McVickar.

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