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The George Fox 20 Questions Game 

How well do you know George?

(You'll find the answers somewhere on this site. Remember, there are over 100 pages, and they'll be on one of them.)

1. What began in Italy around 1350, and spread through Europe through the 17th century that affected art, religion, and science?
Hint:  Michaelangelo and Leonardo Divinci are a big part of this.

2. What was produced in 1455 that changed religions in Europe?               
           Hint:  The invention that allowed this product is considered the start of the industrial revolution.

3. Why was this so important?  
Hint:  Before this, only priests and ministers could read it.

4. What happened on October 31st, 1517, in Wittenberg, Germany, that had a huge affect on future religions?  
           Hint: Dr. King was named after this person.

5. What did this start?
           Hint:  Many Christian religions trace their roots back to this.                     

6. What did King Henry VIII do in 1533 that affected future religions?  
Hint:  He did this because Pope Clement II would not give him what he wanted.                  

7. What did the king of England commission in 1611? 
           Hint:  A person didn’t have to speak Latin to read it anymore, although, in the 15th century, Lollard had translated the Bible into common
                   languages, so it wasn’t the first English translation.         

8. Who was King of England when George was born in 1624? 
    Hint:  He commissioned a bible.

9. What is an absolute monarch?  
Hint:  God said so.

10. What did George’s father, Christopher, do for a living?  
Hint:  It rhymes with fever.  

11. In what city was George born?  
Hint:  It’s in Liecestershire, England. 

12. How old was George when he stopped going to school? 
Hint:  He would be in 5th grade, if he were in school today.

13. True or False:  George believed the world was flat.

14. True or False:  George was a carefree and happy child.

15. When George was 11, he was apprenticed to learn a craft.  What was it?  
          Hint:  It came in handy later in life if he needed to make some money. Everyone wore two of these every day.                

16. What did George wear through his life that cobblers needed? 
Hint:  In my ? and my shaggy, shaggy locks…  

17. One of the other tasks that George did as a cobbler’s apprentice was tend sheep.  He liked this because he was a loner and he could spend his time without having to deal with people.  He reached an important conclusion about life. “Every day is E______  G______, no matter the weather.”

Hint:  It helped him appreciate that each day was a gift.  

18. George was also responsible for taking wool and sheep to market, where he would have to get a good price for his wares.  Was he a good haggler? 
Hint:  Remember, he doesn’t like games.                

19.  When George is almost 19, he has a revelation that changes his life. He met his cousin at a pub and is appalled that his cousin, who belonged to a sober religion, takes part in a drinking game. This disturbs George very much.  He searches the bible and fasts to try to understand how someone can say one thing and do another. He does not find the answer in the Bible, or in seeking comfort from priests or ministers.  He comes to an important conclusion.  What was it?  
Hint:  If you can’t find something outside, where should you look?

20. George spends time traveling and preaching, but he is often in despair. He prays and fasts but he does not feel better until he hears the voice of God speak to him. What did God say to George?
       Hint:  This formed the basis of his theology

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