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 Hospitality 2010

We are eagerly awaiting our June picnic, rain or shine! The "supercalafragilisticexpialadosious" homemade ice cream we love is due to the efforts of a member we call "Mr. Ice Cream," the ice cream wizard who works many hours to manage and organize this event. Not too long ago we would make and freeze the ice cream during Meeting for Worship on picnic day! Now it involves several days of preparation . Thank you Mr. Ice Cream and to all those who contribute the many delicious flavors we enjoy!

We're always thankful for our Sunday morning coffee provided by our custom brewer. How nice it is to have that boost to look forward to. Thanks also goes to the folks who put the chairs away after Opening Exercises. Coffee clean-up after Meeting for Worship continues to go smoothly. Everyone we call upon is always very gracious and willing to help out.

"Eating Meeting" falls monthly on the second First Day, unless otherwise announced. Mother's Day always falls on the second Sunday in May. We women enjoy a little pampering and were treated to a wonderful brunch last year provided by the gentlemen. It would be lovely to see this become a tradition! Some of the best cooks in Chester County belong to our Meeting, and we appreciate the efforts made by everyone who contributes to the meals and helps in the kitchen. We have an "extended" committee when it comes to Eating Meeting Sundays and appreciate the extra hands in setting up and taking down tables.

What a winter!! Some of us thought the Christmas program would be postponed because of the huge snowstorm. Oh, we of little faith. The people who attended Opening Exercises that morning worked together and not only shoveled snow, but also set up for the gathering that evening, for which we were very grateful. Everything went smoothly, and we all enjoyed plenty of good food and drink in spite of Mother Nature's "surprise."
February brings to mind the YMCA Day. Attendance this year was less than usual, possibly because of other events scheduled at the same time. Those who attended certainly enjoyed themselves, just ask anyone about walleyball!

A month ago we had our March Lenten Service and luncheon which served about 100 hungry and thirsty people who not only enthusiastically expressed their thanks and appreciation, but also donated generously to the Lord's Pantry. Thanks for all the effort you put into creating a wide variety of very tasty tea sandwiches, goodies and desserts and for helping to setup and clean up. Some were thrilled to take home leftovers. If you have never been to our Lenten Service, please try to join us. It's a lovely way to bring the community together and socialize with some very friendly neighbors.

The Hospitality Committee could not function without everyone's support. It is truly a group effort, and we're ever so grateful to all.

Submitted April 25, 2010

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