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A Meeting member works on materials for First Day School.We’re hopeful that visitors who begin to attend regularly and find a spiritual home at Downingtown Meeting consider applying for membership in the Religious Society of Friends. We invite everyone to apply who is comfortable with Friends’ religious practices and beliefs. Though we have many families within our Meeting, we also have single people, unmarried couples, gays and lesbians. Everyone is welcome to worship with us and to apply for membership.

You already know or will find out that, as an attender, you can take part in the life of the Meeting without being a member. Perhaps no one will ask you if you are considering membership. We hope your desire for membership, though we share it, will be so clear to you that you will speak of it when you feel ready. We sometimes miss a chance to discuss this with you, so don’t be hesitate to ask anyone to share thoughts or information with you.

If you join a monthly meeting, you also become a member of a Caln Quarterly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and the Religious Society of Friends at the same time. There’s no membership in the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting other than membership in a particular monthly meeting.

How to apply for membership

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