Put God at 
the center of your life.


    Grief is not a disease.
    It's love not wanting to let go.
For us, as Friends, a Memorial Meeting for Worship is similar in many ways to a regular Meeting for Worship. It’s not only a time for sharing feelings of loss, but a time of gratitude for the life of the departed person. We reflect on the value of that life as it relates to the lives of all of us.

As the meeting begins, a designated person rises, describes the nature of the occasion, and assures those in attendance that they’re free to speak if led to do so. While the worshipers remember the life of the deceased and mourn their passing, they also celebrate God’s gift of life. Often, family members request passages from the Bible, poetry, prayer, or meditation be shared during the meeting. Those who knew the deceased may speak of their memories. But the occasion should be one when the presence of God and those gathered in worship bring comfort, hope, and consolation to the deceased’s friends and family.

To close the meeting, the designated person shakes hands with his or her neighbor, followed by handshakes among those in attendance.

A simple reception, at which all may express their grief and love personally to family members, often follows the Memorial Meeting.

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