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 Nominating Committee 2008

Looking ahead, the Nominating Committee has outlined a number of items which will help us in nominating future committee assignments.

The Committee recognizes that certain committee assignments require more time and commitment than others. In a continued effort to find the best people for the most appropriate positions, in the next 12 months it hopes to categorize each committee according to the amount of effort and commitment each requires. This will also help it to determine which committees offer the best opportunities for newcomers and recent attenders, so we can help them feel more involved in the workings of our Meeting without feeling overwhelmed. The Committee also hopes to make suggestions to conveners of committees that will help aid the transition from one person to another, such as creating a handbook or calendar of events for future conveners to follow.

The growth that our Meeting has been experiencing is wonderful and brings many advantages as well as challenges. One challenge is continued communication between committee heads, which will minimize duplication of projects and allow all committees to take advantage of the work of other committees. Our committee plans to examine ways to facilitate communication between all committees.

And finally, we hope to revisit the guideline requiring a two-term limit on conveners of committees to determine if this guideline should apply to all committees.

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