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  Opening Exercises

Opening Exercises is a prologue to Meeting for Worship. Topics have been wide ranging, touching on many aspects of our spiritual journeys. Examples of past programs include:

  • an inspirational story or poem or other art form
  • recounting a social justice leading
  • sacred music
  • witness to a Quaker testimony or query in our family, work life or avocations
  • explanation of an aspect of Quaker practice
  • information about a Friends organization

Opening Exercises begins the process of bringing us together in the Light. The spiritually enriching or thought-provoking messages often resurface in Meeting for Worship or stimulate subsequent discussion among Friends.

Any member or attender can lead Opening Exercises. A sign-up sheet is posted on the Bulletin Board in the Schoolhouse. Some of the best Opening Exercises have featured audience participation or a visual or auditory element, and recognize our inter-generational community. Humor is always a plus.

—scheduled for 20 minutes and starting at 10:00 A.M.:

10:00 A.M. Welcome Friends
Often with a hymn to draw people into the room to settle in. It may reflect the theme.)
10:05 -10:15 A.M. Presentation of your topic
10:15 — 10:20 A.M. Announcements (Remind Friends that we only have 5 minutes or so for these, so please don't use more time than you need)
Invitation to newcomers or visitors to introduce themselves
10:20 — 10:25 A.M. Final hymn (If time permits.)
10:25 A.M. Moment of Silence
10:26 A.M. Quietly adjourn to Meeting for Worship
(Encourage Friends to carry the moment of silence as we adjourn to our 10:30 Meeting for Worship.

Each month, a different member of the Worship & Ministry Committee is the point person for Opening Exercises (noted on the sign-up sheet), available to assist with:

Preparations - if needed, arrange for a pianist or projector, or serve as a sounding board to help organize thoughts for the presentation.

Google Group Announcement - email a brief description of the topic and encourage Friends to attend

Set-up - distribute hymnals, shepherd those in the hallway into their seats

Go to our Meeting Calendar to see the schedule and details of upcoming Opening Exercises.

Summaries of some interesting Opening Exercises:

Leadings of the Spirit
Spirituality and Politics

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