Put God at 
the center of your life.


The power over nature that scientific knowledge has put into our hands, if used in lust or greed, fear or hatred, can bring us to utter destruction.
                                              London Yearly Meeting, 1957

How we treat the Earth and its creatures is a part of all Friends’ relationship with God. Our planet as a whole, not just the parts of it under our care, requires our responsible attention. As we become aware of how all life is interconnected and the destruction caused by neglect of any part of nature, our stewardship of the natural world is ever more important.

Since wasteful consumption is a major cause of environmental destruction, we believe in the right sharing of the world’s resource through which underdeveloped countries can have more while at the same time restoring the Earth’s life-sustaining systems.

We, as Friends, have a concern for this planet on which we live and recognize the need to control the endless consumption by adapting lifestyles which put the least strain on our world’s resources.

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