Put God at 
the center of your life.


Meeting members may feel a responsibility to address a variety of issues in their community, state, nation, or the world.

The plight of other people concerns us as Friends. While many churches participate in programs to help the needy, we at our Meeting go way beyond that.

Because we believe that there is that of God in everyone, we believe in human equality before God. Over the years, we have discovered and taken stands against various forms of discrimination, including supporting the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

We, too, help those in need by locally supporting the Lord’s Pantry in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and by offering disaster relief by collecting needed goods and helping those affected by natural disasters to rebuild their homes and lives by participating in workcamps and service projects that help those less fortunate.

We also work with groups that have been victimized by prejudice. But often this work has been an uphill battle because of the resistance by those that are prejudiced.

Rebuilding homes damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Ike in Lafitte, Louisana

Lending a helping hand at the Lord's Pantry in Downingtown, Pa.

Young Friends help paint homes belonging to members of the Lakota Tribe

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