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 Pastoral Care

Our Mission

The Committee of Oversight provides pastoral care for the Meeting, following the guidance of Faith & Practice to “assume leadership in maintaining a caring community.” As such, overseers help members and attenders deal with mental and physical illnesses, disease, surgery and broken bones, housing needs, loneliness, personal/political disagreements, ailing parents, marital problems, funeral arrangements and weddings. In the spirit of “helping all members find their right roles as nurturers of others”, overseers also host dinners and lunches for their Care Circles, visit the ill and home-bound elderly Friends, and organize at-home Meetings for Worship. Some of us cook, some of us bake, some of us share music, some of us loan books, some send cards—our dedication and sharing of our talents takes a variety of forms.


Each member of our Pastoral Care Committee takes on the responsibility to care for a list of member and attenders. We also have a working relationship with the Outreach Committee which becomes acquainted with newcomers. When newcomers are ready for an overseer, Outreach refers them to Pastoral Care, along with notes on their interests, Meeting experience, etc..

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