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 Peace and Social Concerns 2009

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee members strive to keep Meeting informed of local peace and social justice issues and activities, as well as keep the community aware of our own works. They have also focused on giving modest financial support to the peace and social justice activities of Meeting members and attenders, which include many local organizations.

They initiated an energetic discussion on the relationship between Quakerism and activism and spirituality and politics, first through an special Opening Exercises based on Pendle Hill Pamphlet Number 397, authored by Dan Snyder, entitled "Quaker Witness as Sacrament," followed by a Brown Bag Discussion on the topic.

Activities have included the maintenance and availability of military recruitment and conscientious objector information.  A committee member gave a talk on this topic at the Upattinas School. The committee has organized postcard-writing activities, targeting current issues being dealt with in the U.S. Congress. And it continues to support monthly dinners for the Salvation Army. Members and attenders from Meeting prepare all the parts of a meal which some then serve to needy and homeless people at the Salvation Army in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

 A member of Downingtown Friends Meeting helps serve one of the monthly dinners at the Salvation Army in West Chester, Pa.Our events have also included the hosting of the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s “Eyes Wide Open” exhibit at Meeting. This exhibit, a commemoration that seeks to convey the true cost of war, was open to the community and generated local visitation and publicity.

Monthly Peace Vigils have included an ecumenical New Year’s vigil, a special vigil held to commemorate the sixth year of the war in Iraq, and a fundraiser for “Pennies for Peace,” to help build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Submitted July 26, 2009

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