Put God at
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   If I Could Meet Jesus
      A poem by Zan Lombardo
The rocking chair.If I could meet Jesus, I would ask him to rock me.
Id climb into his lap and hed put his arms around me and begin to rock.
No need for stories or parables or explanations, no words or lullabies, just rock me, Id say.
I might bury my face against his chest and melt into his warmth as he rocked me.

I could relax into that wordless embrace and let go my tears as he rocked me.
Id know why people followed him and be a part of that which caused great fear and awe, but hed simply be rocking me.
Others might be waiting their turn and it wouldnt matter.
The circle of his arms, the cup of his comfort would bigger to accommodate them all and my rocking would be uninterrupted.

A creaking rocking chair, waves lapping at our boat, in a subway train, sitting cross-legged in the grass or sand, wed just be rocking.
Jesus rocking me, rock, rock, rocking me, keep on rocking me, just rocking me.
When my salt water tears and nose blowing subsided, I might begin to laugh, and hed keep rocking.
I might laugh and throw my head back and howl till my sides ached, rocking all the time.

There would be no limit to how long hed rock me.
Day and night, every season, old and young, hed rock me.
Front and back, side to side, around in a circle just rocking.
And after wed rocked for a million years, Id notice the rocking of my breath, the rocking of my pulse, the rocking of the tides as if hed never left.

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