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    Sewing Group Holds 
 Annual Reuben Day

On a cold Thursday morning in February, our Meeting's Sewing Group, a bunch of intrepid ladies who know their politics as well as their sewing, gathered to make and eat Reuben sandwiches. While this sounds innocent enough, the actual affair was one of sharing and commiserating, all while sorting various rye breads, then piling the slices high with lean meats and cheeses, topped off with a dollop of cole slaw. 

While the Sewing Group's weekly gatherings are often peppered with the sounds of laughter and gossip, this particular gathering was a celebration--a hats off to Sir Reuben. Often members of the group go out to lunch, but it seems what's now an annual tradition began because one of the older members of the group was having trouble getting around, so the ladies decided to eat in, instead. Another of the group had fond memories of making and eating Reuben sandwiches as a child, and so the stage was set. And from its quiet and accidental beginnings, Reuben Day has grown into a lavish feast of homemade foods.

On the menu was, of course, Reuben sandwiches, lovingly made by hand, then grilled to perfection. To accompany them, someone brought homemade delicious vegetable soup. And to add to the delectable treats, others in the group brought fresh fruit cup and yummy golden cake topped with dreamy homemade buttercream icing.

And while it may seem that this was just a food fest, in fact, it was a chance for the ladies to really get to know each other by sharing in the making of it.

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