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It seems that Quakers are always on a quest. And once again, some in our Quarter are seeking ways to strengthen their communities through worship and other topics of relevance to today’s world.

Above all else, Quaker Meetings are communities of faith. Over the next two years, members and attenders from Downingtown Friends Meeting will join those from five other meetings within the Caln Quarter in participating in weekend retreats and seminars aimed at helping them share their ideas on topics to help strengthen their respective meetings.

Some questions that will be posed to the Friends participating in these retreats are:

What is your meeting’s core identity as a faith community?
How does your meeting deepen its relationship with the Divine?
What does your meeting understand worship to be?
What does a gathered meeting look like in your meeting?
What unites your meeting? What divides your meeting?

Within the structure of these retreats, those involved will be asked to look deeply into the spiritual lives of their respective meetings and share ideas on how to improve them. For instance, what’s different and special about their meeting?

How can we strengthen the Meeting as a corporate, dynamic entity led by the Holy Spirit?

During each retreat, participants will be asked what they want to take home to share with their meetings. What outcomes do they desire? What difficulties do they foresee?

Learn more about the first retreat which centered on Meeting for Worship and the Gathered Meeting.

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