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 Trustees Committee

The Trustees Committee sees to it that the buildings and grounds of our Meeting are maintained on a regular schedule. It also plans and executes special projects to ensure that repairs are done. It is also authorized by Meeting to enter into legal agreements as may be necessary to maintain the buildings and grounds.

Routine maintenance includes seasonal mowing, snow plowing, limited tree work, cleaning, and annual service of furnaces, fire extinguishers and the air conditioning system in the School House. Self-fulfilled maintenance by members and attenders includes our Spring and Fall work days, seasonal gutter cleaning, and on-going leaf clean-up at year-end.

Projects undertaken by the Trustees Committee have included:

—Installation of a window trellis supporting the wisteria at the north side of the
   School House.
—Installation of a changing table in the School House nursery.
—On-going squirrel proofing of the east & west sheds (with success to date at
   the west shed).
—Installation of a carbon monoxide detector for the Meeting House.
—Refurbishing the Audio Aides for the Meeting House.
—Seal-coating the west parking lot, plus the installation of five new pre-cast
   concrete curb stops for added protection at the west shed stone wall.
—Repairs to our sheds, including limited fascia repairs and re-painting at the east
   shed and limited roof shingle repair and replacement.
—Sidewalk Project: The Committee prepared a Sketch Plan and executed a formal
   agreement with the Borough for the Borough’s future installation of the sidewalk
   and two street lamps fronting the School House.

A new stone wall offers a place for people to sit and eat ice cream at our annual Ice Cream Social.The Trustees Committee has also been responsible for:

—Installation of supplemental grab bars in both the Men’s and Women’s Rooms
   in the School House to improve accessibility.
—LED re- lamping of the exterior light fixtures as part of the energy conservation
   re-lamping project initiated for the building interiors in 2016.
—Supplemental tree work: the Trustees continue to evaluate on-going care
   recommendations for some of the specimen trees on the property, including
   the two Burr Oaks in front of the Meeting House.
—Installation of a new Entrance Sign: Based on the Sign Committee’s
   recommendation to Monthly Meeting in December, a submission was made
   to the Borough for variance relief required for the design and size proposed.

The Committee has also updated the Committee’s Service Provider & Contacts List and Annual Calendar & Routine Maintenance Schedule. These references are used by the Trustees and also include our annual budget allowance forecast.

With input from the Use Committee, the Trustees reviewed the School House Rental Rate policy and recommended a new rate schedule and a simple Short-Term Use Agreement developed for one-day rental use. The Trustees also developed Building Use Guidelines which outline basic building use and procedure. It distributed these guidelines to the committee clerks and posted them in both Meeting buildings for general reference.

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