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 Trustees Committee

A new stone wall offers a place for people to sit and eat ice cream at our annual Ice Cream Social.For the current fiscal year, the Trustees budgeted expenses are anticipated to fall within the projected budget for Housekeeping, Grounds and Building Maintenance. Basic cleaning, grounds and building maintenance were adequately covered over the past year. Preventative maintenance measures again included annual furnace maintenance contracts, fire extinguisher inspection and recharging, and annual pest inspection and preventative treatment for the Meeting House and sheds.

The Maintenance Reserve Fund:  This past year we have again funded projects from the maintenance fund. The ramp to the School House was replaced, so now we have an even path and solid handrails for those that cannot use the stairs. You probably have noticed the new short wall at the end of the new ramp. Thanks to Rob Bebee for providing the labor for that nice new place to sit and eat ice cream in June. Some siding on the shed attached to the Meeting House was replaced, along with the fascia. It matches the old siding so well that most people do not even know it was done.

Volunteer Participation: Lots of little tasks get done each year, many probably unnoticed, such as setting the thermostat for the next week’s schedule, arranging for the lawn to be mowed and the snow plowed, gutters cleaned out, new stone added to the drive, and the Meeting House opened and locked each First Day. Cleaning up the leaves each fall is a major task, with the weather often not cooperating with our schedule. Our thanks to all that help out in so many ways, large and small.

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