Put God in
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 A Voluptuous God:
  A Christian Heretic Speaks
  by Rev. Robert Thompson
This book is rooted in the Christian mystical tradition. It's an invitation to a direct, intimate experience and relationship with God. The title comes from mystic Meister Eckhart's descriptive metaphor of his experience. Reverend Robert Thompson writes how he bridges that gap, inviting the reader to step beyond religious doctrine.

A Voluptuous God peels away layers of Christian doctrine to unveil the raw beauty of a spirituality rooted in the Christian tradition. It calls readers into a direct, intimate relationship with God and speaks to some of their heart's deepest longings while pulling them again and again into their hearts and challenging them to stay there. Thompson has written an open and honest book, allowing readers to learn from sharing their personal experiences. And it interweaves teachings from several different religious traditions, showing there are many paths to a common destination to show that we are all one.

Even though this book is not only beautifully written and easily read, it’s not an easy read. Readers should expect to be challenged as this is also a book about courage. Thompson's message is a call to freedom: an invitation to choose to set aside any doctrinal formula that gets in the way and head straight into our innermost heart in personal communion with God. But freedom comes bundled with personal responsibility and accountability.

One of the best things about A Voluptuous God is the way it brings near-mystical experience to my non-mystical temperament. He writes well, and he persuades his readers of their connectivity with others and the world.

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