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 Worship and Ministry Report

Our principal concern continues to be nurturing the spirituality of our community, and the quality of Meeting for Worship. We regularly discuss the spiritual condition of our Meeting, and attempt to develop ways to address those needs.

One of our tasks is to coordinate Opening Exercises. Each member of our committee takes a specific month for which they find presenters.  Many people who have volunteered to conduct opening exercises have been doing thoughtful presentations which often help to set the tone for meeting for worship. We also keep the meeting house stocked with Quaker literature, much of which has been updated.  We’ve ordered several new pamphlets from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

The oversight of adult education is also our responsibility. We’ve committed to developing ways to instruct, uphold, examine and cherish Quaker principles and processes.

The following represent some of our sponsored activities and responsibilities:

1. Provide copies of Faith and Practice to new members and attenders.

2. One of our members conducted a six-weeks-long, double session on Quakerism which was well attended and, based on several follow up discussions, was quite valuable. Some of the topics included Quaker history, Quaker beliefs, Friends at Downingtown, how we conduct Meeting for Business, and what it means to be a Quaker.

3. This same member also hosted a series of special Friday night movies.

4. We approved and acquired a sign, which is now hung outside the Meeting House, letting people know that meeting has started and directing latecomers to the street side entrance.

5. We approved and helped to purchase an LCD computer projector for meeting. After considerable discussion, its possible uses include:  

      a. Opening exercises
b. Brown Bag Discussions
c. Special events, including guest speakers
d. Quaker orientation course
e. Potential uses at Meeting for Business, thus reducing the need for paper

6. Two of our members developed the Mantel Books Project. Books, focusing on Brown Bag Discussion topics, are now available on the fireplace mantel in the library.

7. We discussed and are in the process of modifying how we deal with the Queries. We would like to make them more meaningful and more central to our Meeting.   

8. In conjunction with Religious Education , we have asked Young Friends to take on the responsibility of reading the Advises during Meeting for Worship. These will be read on the last Sunday of the month.

9.  We approved the selling of Faith and Practice at the Fall Festival.  

10. Several of our meetings included discussion about The Quaker Way booth at the Fall Festival. In cooperation with the Outreach committee, we arrived at several valuable suggestions which will be implemented next year.

11. Our Brown Bag Discussions included "Blessings," "How We prepare for Meeting for Worship," and "The Old Testament." We’re discussing Quaker parenting and Bible study as two additional topics. You’re  encouraged to let us know how you feel about these or any other topics of interest.

In conclusion I would like to thank all the members of this committee for their hard work and  the prayerful  diligence with which they performed their duties on what many consider to be a vital committee in the life of our spiritual community.  

Go to The Quaker Way to read about Quakerism before taking our Quakerism Orientation course.

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