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For the last 325 years, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) has helped individual Quakers to know and work together to do God's will through its many programs. Downingtown Friends Meeting is one of 100 meetings that come under PYM’s services.

The most notable service of PYM is The Annual Sessions. Each year, Friends gather at the Arch Street Meeting House for a weekend of discussions and the annual Meeting for Business. Bi-annually, Yearly Meeting also holds a four or five-day-long gathering for worship, business, and fellowship, known as the Summer Sessions which takes place on a college campus. Here Friends have unique and joyful opportunities to celebrate and play together, as well as worship and work together, building a deeper and stronger Quaker community.

PYM also conducts a variety of conferences and workshops, developed by its Worship and Ministry, Religious Education, and other working groups. PYM now has seven standing committees, all of which have working groups under them. These bring Friends together to learn more about and grow in their faith and to deepen their spiritual lives. Friends can also participate in workcamp and service projects.

It also sponsors conferences for Young Friends and Middle School Friends which offer wonderful opportunities for our youth to explore their religious identity and develop their spiritual lives with other like-minded young people.

The Friends Conflict Resolution Program teaches creative, nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts to adults and youth, modeled on Quaker ideals. PYM also provides superb conflict resolution services to its member Meetings.

The Family Relations Group offers support and counsel to overseers and others responsible for pastoral care in our Meetings. It also sponsors the Friends Counseling Service, which serves individual members with counseling needs. And the Aging Concerns Group provides expert advice and support to both Meetings and individuals dealing with the needs and dilemmas of aging. This group also distributes funds to aging Friends in need and Quaker institutions that serve them.

Under PYM’s Support and Outreach Standing Committee different working groups carry on a wide range of activities designed to strengthen member Meetings and help them grow. The Outreach Services Group offers ideas, connections and materials to enable and encourage Meetings to become more visible to seekers in their communities; and the Membership Development Support Fund provides grants to Monthly and Quarterly Meetings to fund such initiatives.

PYM’s Meetinghouse Trust Funds Group provides expert consultation and advice on the repair, improvement, and management of Friends meetinghouses and properties; as well as financial resources.

If you'd like to volunteer to serve on any of the PYM workgroups, contact PYM.

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Our monthly Meeting belongs to Caln Quarterly Meeting which meets four times a year to conduct business of the Quarter, to worship together, to renew friendships, and continue effective communication.

We’re also part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, which gathers annually in the spring to conduct business and determine directions of the whole Yearly Meeting.


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